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Zen e-TDS

Zen Income Tax


  • 1. Preparation and validation of e TDS return file.
  • 2. User can generate Forms 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, 16 16, 16AA, 27B, 27D, ITR1 by giving Single Input. (with correction statement.)
  • 3. List of All India bank Branches Codes Available.
  • 4. Salary Calculation taking care of chapter VIA Deductions and Tax thereon.
  • 5. Facility to calculate amount of Monthly TDS to be deducted.
  • 6. Various reports viz. continuous printing of Certificates, Deductee wise Payment (Summarized and Detailed).
  • 7. Challan wise Details, certificate Issue Register, List of Clients not having PAN and address..
  • 8. Data can be Imported/Exported from MS-Excel Files/Text File/FVU File.
  • 9. Preparation for Lower tax deduction forms viz. 13, 15C, 15G, 15H, 15I, 15J.
  • 10. List of all India TIN FC's. Text file/fvu file viewer.
  • 11. Online TAN & PAN verification.
  • 12. Online ePayment of Tax Challans through software directly, no require to fill master information.
  • 13. MIS Reports Likely Submitted Returns, Pending Return, Filed Return, Deductor Master Report, Deductor Wise Employee Master Report.
  • 14. Challan Report-Challan Status, Challan Detail, Challan Tree View, Deductee wise Challan Report.
  • 15. Label Printing.


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